Sunday, April 3, 2016

FreshMVVM getting started the missing step

I have been playing around with FreshMVVM and found I like it a lot. It is very light weight and fairly easy to use.
There is one thing missing from the FreshMVVM quick start that I felt should blog about. You need to put everything in a fresh navigation container if you want the pages and page models to resolve and of course be able to navigate.
In the app class this is how you need to set MainPage to an instance to show the first page.

    public App()
        // The root page of your application
        var homePage = FreshMvvm.FreshPageModelResolver.ResolvePageModel<HomePageModel>();
        var navConatiner = new FreshMvvm.FreshNavigationContainer(homePage);
        MainPage = navConatiner;


  1. This is just perfect and EXACTLY what is missing

  2. Thanks for posting this. I knew I was missing something.